glossary definition:
visible pores:
enlarged pores, pores, large pores

All pores are visible, but the term "visible pores" is commonly used to describe a more extreme condition - one where pore size affects the texture of the skin.

Lare or open pores can by caused by an emptied blackhead, as it takes time for the pore to heal and close.

Sometimes the pore is permanently damaged and remains visible, causing uneven skin texture. These conditions can be frustrating as effective cosmetic smoothing ranges from very hard to impossible. Excess oils can make it difficult for makeup to adhere.

Suggestions for dealing with visible pores include the use of matte foundations and trying to keep the affected skin as oil-free as possible to stop the makeup "sliding".

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Created over 25 years ago, Barielle was the very first company to devise beauty products through a treatment for horses.

Talika was created by Dr. Danielle Roches, a 60 year old brand that remains as dedicated to treating the eyes and eyelashes with targeted treatment products as it did in 1948.

Clean & Clear
This is a really well formulated, inexpensive brand that can adequetly tend to problem, blemish-prone oily skin. Ideally targeted toward teenagers, this line is perfect for dealing with adolescent acne and blemishes.

An old Hollywood secret, Frownies were originally called wrinkle eradicators for their magical abilty to make fine lines such as crow's feet appear diminished.

La Mer
Invented by a NASA scientist to treat burns on the face and eyes, Creme de La Mer moisturizer is now outrageously popular in the beauty scene. Legend has it that J-Lo uses it head to toe.

Rodan + Fields
Renowned dermatologists Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields, the masterminds behind the Proactiv Solution have created their own range of targeted skincare regimens.

StriVectin-SD - The 'miracle'; anti-aging cream. Claims to significantly improve the appearance of facial wrinkles, stretch marks, and minor skin imperfections by aiding the build-up of collagen.

Joey New York
Created by beauty expert Joey Chancis and her mother, Arlyne Roer, Joey New York is a brand that offers simple yet effective formulations for virtually every skin problem from acne to rosacea.

Kinerase is a small yet effective range of products that uses kinetin as it's key ingredient. Sold mainly through dermatologist offices and select spas.

Lip Explosion
Lip Explosion by Body Innoventions romises fuller, more defined lips in minutes. Lip explosion guarantees immediate results, or your money back.

Known in Japan for it's classic foaming cleanser, Bioré introduced their exciting pore-strips which made them known worldwide.

With products such as Morning After Rescue Gel, Nickel says its range offers instant results and contain a "higher percentage of active ingredients than found currently in women's cosmetics". The packaging is no-frills and decidedly masculine in design..

The core message of this luxury skincare collection is the power of essential oils; their benefit to the skin as well as the balancing effect that their fragrances have on our moods.

The Sisley brand is a prime example of how simply being French and expensive can sell a beauty product.