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make-up remover:
makeup remover

Make-up remover is available in many forms including lotions, wipes, and creams.

It is the first step in the typical nightly skincare regimin, used to remove daytime cosmetics before the final three steps of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.

Make-up removers are often specialized, with one formula for the eyes and another for the face.

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Anna Sui Beauty
The Anna Sui Beauty collection is influenced greatly by Anna's feminine and slightly gothic sensibilities. This is not a collection for the faint hearted. The color choices are bold and shiny, there is no shortage of glitter in this razzle-dazzle range.

Bare Escentuals
San Francisco based Bare Escentuals have made a name on very pure and gentle cosmetics. Bare Minerals is the signature line - a selection of oil-free natural products.

Great thought has gone into the creation of the BECCA line, with emphasis paid to the concealers and foundations which are offered in an impressive array of color choices to cater to all skin tones.

A small line of quality eye make-up featuring the amazing Kiss Me Mascara.

Bobbi Brown
Bobbi Brown revolutionized the makeup industry when she debuted her naturally flattering lipsticks in 1991.Bobbi has continually met women's needs with the highest-quality products.

Well established and reputable, cosmetics company Bourjois was founded in 1863 and continues to be popular today with a fabulous range of colors.

Delux Beauty
Make-up artist Jillian Dempsey created Delux Beauty, a line of cosmetics that are great for creating fun, flirty everyday looks, while being portable and easy to use.

Hollywood based cosmetics line made famous by creating Lip Venom, the uber-gloss that plumps the lips without the pain or price tag of surgery, thanks to a firey blend of essential oils.

Elizabeth Arden
One of the most respected names in skin care, Elizabeth Arden has a popular line of beauty products including the famous "8 Hour Cream".

The respected and extensive Clarins collection is based on the benefits of plant botanicals, resulting in a wide range of quality skincare products.

Frédéric Fekkai
Frédéric Fekkai's is one of the most famous names in hairstyling. Having tamed the manes of many of the world's most famous women. Possessing impeccable skills, he is a true master of creating subtle natural styles that look beautifully un-styled.

Burt's Bees
Burt's Bees is a wonderful line with a long tradition of natural organic ingredients and a holistic approach. Look for Burt's Beesproducts at most organic grocery stores and shops.

An outstanding cosmetics line used extensively by film and television makeup artists, Cargo invites celebrities to design custom shades for limited run product lines.

Hard Candy
Hard Candy is a fun, feminine line of nail color, cosmetics, fragrance and body care products. Hard Candy is overflowing with girlish charm and a dose of sass to boot.

LORAC's extensive collection is loaded with celebrity favorites and insider must-haves. Pallettes are easy to wear with non-irritating formulas that can be worn all day long.

Paula Dorf
Paula Dorf is a complete line of cosmetics that meet the needs of both the professional and home make-up artist.

Popular line of skin care and cosmetics with a "feel good look good" approach to beauty. Popular products include moisturizers, facial peels and skincare kits, and food-inspired body washes.

With backgrounds in make-up artistry and skincare therapy, the Strand sisters, Petra, Sara and Sofia have created fun, girlie products that aim to simplify our daily routines.

Created by three friends, Pout features easy to use cosmetics that are fun way to effortless glamour.

Ramy Beauty Therapy
Ramy Beauty Therapy is the creation of celebrity makeup artist and brow expert Ramy Gafni.

Created by famed celebrity make-up artist Jeanine Lobell, Stila is one of the most popular cosmetics lines on the market today.

Since it's launch in 2000, Tarte goodies such as the cheek stain and 24/7 Lip Sheers have won rave reviews and reached cult favorite status.

In the world of tweezers, there is only one Tweezerman. Lifetime sharpening guarantees and excellent craftsmanship make these beauty tools the standard by which all others are judged.

Urban Decay
Urban Decay is the authority in alternative nail enamels, and has launched a cosmetic that carries the same style.

Benefit is a fun San Francisco based cosmetics brand. The ruby red Benetint cheek stain is one of their more popular products.

More known for their fragrances than for their skincare, Guerlain a long-established French perfumer has created over 626 fragrances since it was founded in 1828.

One of the most popular and widely used range of lip care products, Blistex has become a staple in many handbags and make-up bags. Considered by many to be the solution for chapped lips and cold sores.

Christian Breton
Founded in France in 1991, Christian Breton created this multi-ethnic line for any woman of any age or skin tone.

Clean & Clear
This is a really well formulated, inexpensive brand that can adequetly tend to problem, blemish-prone oily skin. Ideally targeted toward teenagers, this line is perfect for dealing with adolescent acne and blemishes.

An old Hollywood secret, Frownies were originally called wrinkle eradicators for their magical abilty to make fine lines such as crow's feet appear diminished.

We can all recognise IGIA from the countless TV commercials featuring their extensive beauty enhancing treatments. Offering everything from nose hair clippers to floor cleaners.

Based in Greece, Korres is a complete line of natural skin, hair and sun care products and herbal preparations.

Whether it's face painting, high fashion or horror film special effects, KRYOLAN has the tools of the trade capable of make-up magic.

Celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist Peter Lamas created his own line of skin, hair and body care products to offer an alternative to the chemical and additive laden products that are use by most of us on a daily basis.

Laura Mercier
Launched in 1996 by renowned french make-up artist Laura Mercier, this range of quality skincare and outstanding make-up has earned much attention on the global beauty scene.

Make Up For Ever
Made popular by make-up artists, Make Up For Ever has a huge variety of colors. Product lines include 125 eyeshadows, 100 lipsticks, and products for body painting and special effects.

The brainchild of famed make-up artist François Nars, NARS made it's debut in 1994 and has managed to seasonally keep pace with the ever revolving fashion world.

RéVive's products use EGF(Epidermal Growth Factor) to regenerate the skin and to delay the effects of aging.

Rimmel make-up is reasonably priced, while the colors and formulations are equal to many far more expensive brands. Almost everything made by Rimmel is worth considering especially for the prices.

This small focused range of quality products have one simple aim, to make skin as white as possible. Made in Japan by cosmetics giants Kose, Sekkisei uses many traditional oriental plants in the formulation of this line.

Sue Devitt
Sue's "color treatment for the skin" makeup is formulated using high quality plant botanicals. The real star performers of the range are the seaweed treatment foundations, which not only cover flawlessly, but are actually good for the skin too.

Super cute, ultra-girly brand that's targeted to teenage girls. The blossoming cosmetics collection started with lip glosses and has since expanded to include eyeshadow, compacts and even fragrance.

Too Faced
Since its inception in 1998, this sassy make-up line has fast become one of the most popular brands with celebrities and their make-up artists.

Very much like the label, the CHANEL cosmetics range has such an air of classic beauty to it, those black lacquer cases evoke the seduction of bygone eras.

Neal's Yard
Named after the location of their first store in heart of London's Covent Garden, Neal's Yard Remedies have since expanded to become a global name in alternative medicines and healthcare.

Luxury skincare with a simple approach. Popular products include the Re-Storation line of skin treatments and moisturizers.

One of the titans of skincare and cosmetics in Japan, Kosé are constantly updating and adding to an enormous product line catering to every need and budget.

Aveda, maker of pure, plant based haircare, skincare, bodycare, perfume and make-up products.

Dermatologist recommended, this inexpensive cleanser is one of the most common "must have" items on celebrity and make-up artist's skincare lists.

Dr. Bronner's
Founded by Dr.Emanuel Bronner, this line of natural, organic soaps and detergents has a message, that message is one of peace and ecological awareness.

For over 150 years Kiehl's Pharmacy have created simple, quality skincare products using only the finest ingredients.

Clé De Peau
Launched by Shiseido as a prestige line. Packaged beautifully the cosmetics are really wonderful, especially the concealers, which truly conceal.

Ren is a great alternative for anyone looking for clean, additive-free skincare products.

TheBalm brand is all about getting us back to the beauty basics. Founder, Marissa Shipman decide to create the few make-up essentials that every woman needs to keep herself looking her best.

Kevyn Aucoin Beauty
One of the most popular people in the fashion world, Kevyn is unfortunately no longer with us, however, his legecy lives on through his many books and the Kevyn Aucoin Beauty line of cosmetics.

Giorgio Armani
Hugely talented Italian designer Giorgio Armani has been redefining elegance for over 25 years. His sleek style has masterfully set the standard to which many designers follow today.

Hugely popular in Japan and most of Asia, Dr.Ci:Labo was established in 1999 with the birth of their signature product - Aqua-Collagen-Gel.

Pretty Pretty
Pretty Pretty is a makeup artist driven collection. Founded by makeup artists James Vincent and Nick Gavrelis, with an eye to delivering uptown glamour with a downtown edge.

Prestige Cosmetics
Great drugstore brand, Prestige Cosmetics offers high quality make-up at affordable prices.

Collective Wellbeing
Created by Davies Gate co-founders Jack and Ellen Davies, the line features certified organic ingredients, recyclable packaging, and a program that enables consumers to choose which nonprofit groups benefit from their fund-raising efforts.

Juice Beauty
This all-natural organic skincare line uses globally sourced plants and botanicals blended in their patented fruit-juice base to deliver a daily refreshing boost to the skin.

Created in 3 seperate laboratories by three separate chemists (actually 2 chemists and a dermatologist), 3Lab is a new(ish) cosmetics line, that boasts dramatic results thanks to years of research and data collection, as well as the researchers sixty ye..

Agoo Agii
Founded by Jennifer Rodriguez-Allen an environmental chemist who took inspiration from important women in her life - her mother and her daughter to create products that would enhance health and vitality for women of every age and culture.

Gillette, a name familiar to men around the world have launched the Gillette Complete line of skincare products designed just for guys. Advocating a sensible 3-step regimen of cleanse, shave and moisturize, Gillette make it easy for men to keep their sk..

An exceptionally popular line of make-up used by many professional make-up artists, MAC has also established itself as one of the most popular everyday cosmetic brands.

Hylexin works to break down the blood that 'leaks' from the capillaries in the surrounding eye area, thus fading the dark shadows. Hylexin is the solution for cronic dark circles.

This Scottish based skincare company's main focus is on natural products for the treatment of skin conditions such as psoriasis or problems related to arthritis or poor circulation.

Designed by the very same team responsible for creating the Sonicare brush, this brush is designed to gently but effectively cleanse the skin using a combination of proprietary sonic technology and a two-way oscillating brush system that is proven far m..

Zeno, a battery powered, handheld medical device that can do just that. Approved by the FDA, this stylish looking, portable device can make pimples disappear within 24 hours.

Global Goddess
Glamorous, globtrotting celebrity make-up artist and International beauty expert Shalini Vadhera has created a line of cosmetics for every woman of the world inspired by the exotic places of the world.

Just as the name suggests, Un-Petroleum is a small line of Lip balms and body care products formulated without the use of petroleum-based ingredients.

One of the main players in the department store cosmetics game, Lancôme started over 60 years ago as a maker of luxury perfume.

The Sisley brand is a prime example of how simply being French and expensive can sell a beauty product.

Founded in 2006 in Syosset, New York by fashion executive and equestrian Marie Regan. Using the elegance of the equestrian world as inspiration along with time honored beauty secrets passed down through the generations.

Face Stockholm
Started in 1981 in sweden by fashion boutique owner Gun Nowak, Face Stockholm follows the true Swedish ideal of beauty - natural, simple, clean while keeping it fun and fashion-forward.

Advanced unisex formulations that blend natural ingredients with state of the art technologies fit for even the most sensitive skin types.

Created in Australia from the pearls of beauty wisdom picked up in a modelling agency. ModelCo paid attention to work works and what we really need to look beautiful.

Bésame Cosmetics
Bésame Cosmetics whisks us back to the bygone days of 40's glamour and elegance. A stylish collection of richly colored yet modern cosmetics that are presented so beautifully in cases that ooze femininity and sophistication.

by Terry
French make-up artist Terry de Gunzburg has spent many years perfecting her signature cosmetics and skincare line. by terry utilizes exclusive active ingredients in their signature skincare and cosmetics collections.

Dr. Brandt Skincare
Created by respected dermatologist Fredric Brandt, Dr.Brandt Skincare is a technology driven line of anti-aging products that incorporates beneficial plant botanicals into their formulations for a potent fusion of science and nature.