glossary definition:

Loose term for something that is used to create a highlighting effect. For example, eye highlighter is often used to add a look of sheen to the eyelids or brow bone.

Cheek highlighter is also used to create a sheen, usually to the top of the cheekbone.

By usuing a highlighter, a dewy fresh look can be developed.

If done incorrectly, the highlighted areas can appear to be an oily shine, so go easy.

Highlighters generally do not work well with wrinkles, and is traditionally used with younger complexions.

The following listings are popular or recommended for the glossary term: highlighter

Benefit is a fun San Francisco based cosmetics brand. The ruby red Benetint cheek stain is one of their more popular products.

Girlactik Beauty
Based in Los Angeles, Girlactik as is a Hollywood starlet's dream brand. Loaded with shine and glitter, Girlactik has what it takes to keep Tinseltown's glitterbabes shimmering and sparkling for the paparazzi.