Yon-Ka Paris
not so natural after all

Popular in many day spas the Yon-Ka line of products offer the perfect synthesis between science and nature, or so they would have you believe. This French line of products touts a passion for nature, but never manages to correctly or effectively harness any of her power.

Loaded with many decidedly un-natural ingredients, Yon-Ka products are far too average to be worthy of the prices that they are sold for.

from the Yon-Ka Paris website :
Aomatherapy, Phytotherapy, Fruitherapy, Marinetherapy.
A pioneer of esthetic aromatherapy and phytotherapy, Yon-Ka has been developing its unique approach since the 1950's.

Yon-Ka phytobiointegrity
So that your skin can benefit from all that
the plant world has to offer, Yon-Ka uses
not only the fragrant part of the plant,
its revitalizing essential oil charged with
solar energy, but all of the complementary ingredients contained in plant and marine extracts:
Vitamins, trace elements, fruit acids, etc.
This combination is the foundation of
Yon-Ka Face, Body and Sun beauty products.

Yon-Ka personalized treatment
For Yon-Ka, the quality of a treatment rests
on perfect knowledge of the skin, specific
and accurate analysis of its needs, and mastery
of products and application methods. For this reason, Yon-Ka has exclusive partnerships
with professional estheticians, who advise you
and suggest personalized treatments for the face
and body, key components of both physical
and mental well-being.

A single objective: Give your skin the means of preserving or rediscovering its balance, energy and beauty.

Yon-Ka products are formulated, produced and marketed by Laboratoires MULTALER, a French company located in the Paris region.

Managed today by Françoise and Catherine Mühlethaler, the Laboratories were founded in the 1950's by their parents, passionated botanists and pioneers in the fields of esthetic aromatherapy and phytotherapy. With that same passion, and remaining faithful to the same values, Françoise and Catherine have developed the family business on all levels.

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