natural and holistic

This renowned 85-year-old Swiss maker of natural face, hair, bath, body and baby care delivers super effective potions.

As well as their natural beauty care products, WELEDA also specialize in homeopathic medicines and healing elixirs.
  • No testing on animals.
  • Free of synthetic additives.
  • Completely free from GM crop materials.
  • All WELEDA products are suitable for vegetarians.
  • WELEDA is named for an esteemed 1st c.AD Germanic healer and priestess.

from the WELEDA website :

Weleda was founded in Switzerland in 1921 in collaboration with Rudolf Steiner. A group of European physicians became interested in Steiner's teachings that also addressed the causes of illness.

After a series of study courses and lectures held in 1920, an Anthroposophical clinic was founded along with a medical laboratory in Arlesheim, Switzerland. Medicines were made based on guidelines provided by physicians.

This laboratory expanded quickly. Local Weleda companies were soon opened in Germany, England, France, Holland and many other countries, and given the name Weleda. In America, Weleda was incorporated in 1931 and is now a subsidiary of Weleda AG, Switzerland. Weleda USA now resides in a modern facility in the historic Hudson River Valley of New York State.

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