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In the world of tweezers, there is only one Tweezerman. Lifetime sharpening guarantees and excellent craftsmanship make these beauty tools the standard by which all others are judged.

Since you only ever need to buy one set, it is impressive that Tweezerman is still around. Have you got yours?
  • Tweezerman are a make-up artist industry favorite.
  • Each tweezer comes with a lifetime sharpening guarantee.
  • Recyclable packaging.
  • Tweezerman are a consistent supporter of charitable causes.
Tweezerman reviews
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Tweezerman review rating: 0 out of 5

tweezermans tweezer was main standard and quality as all other indian / pakistan items
good tweezer is made in france
Today the zwilling owned tweezerman is made in china spoiled with chemical treatment and absolute not worth to touch

submitted by: Guest : 08:43 - November 10, 2008

Tweezerman review rating: 5 out of 5
I love my Tweezermans!

On my last trip to the US I got some Tweezerman Tweezers.. And they are so cool! Super sharp they make plucking a breeze and quite frankly my eyebrows have never look so good just because I am always getting out the Tweezermans and “tweaking” my brows ‘cause it’s fun..
Can’t think of any negatives for them so gave it 5 out of 5.

submitted by: twinnee : 00:34 - January 25, 2006

Tweezerman review rating: 4 out of 5
The best tweezing!

Really good tweezers should last a lifetime, these do. I have had the same pair of Tweezerman tweezers for nearly 6 years and they are still as good today as they were when I bought them. A lot of the pink enamel has chipped off, but they still work wonderfully

I would recommend these tweezers to anyone looking for quality, that will last.

submitted by: wildswan80 : 10:33 - December 9, 2005

from the Tweezerman website :
Personal care tools
Tweezerman Corporation's Personal Care Tools have long been recognized in the beauty industry for surpassing the normal standards of quality, reliability and service.

We provide a lifetime guarantee and a free sharpening policy on our implements. We believe that our customers should have to purchase a tool only once, and that our environment should not be burdened with discarded implements.

We operate a sustainable business. We have a heart because profits are not the only reason for our existence. All values are considered in the operation of our company - shareholder, employee, our community and environment. Our packaging is made of recyclable materials and is environmentally friendly.

We will not sell products we deem unsafe or useless to our customers. Tweezerman operates a second bottom line, allocating a portion of its profits to charitable organizations, while actively supporting the communities in which we operate.

visit the official Tweezerman website

Tweezerman Tweezers
Tweezerman Tweezers
These are the reigning kings of all tweezers, and that's no hype. If it needs removing, and you need a tweezer, then Tweezerman is for you. read more