Three Custom Color Specialists
your three special friends

Created by three friends, Trae Bodge, Chad Hayduk and Scott Catto, Three Custom Color Specialists offer unlimited makeup possibilities.

If your favorite lipstick is out of production and running out, the Three Custom Color Specialists can re-produce the color just for you. If you can't find a concealer or powder to correctly match your skin tone, the Specialists can mix up a batch just for you.

The brand also manufactures an extensive ready to wear collection, with an abundance of colors to choose from. They also offer handy advise to help select the best shades for a brand new custom-color wardrobe just for you.
  • Founded in 1997 in New York.

from the Three Custom Color Specialists website :
explore the endless possibilities
To create a collection of beautiful wearable shades that transcend all ethnic barriers. Our clients are women from all over the world with skin tones that range from the most fair to the richest deepest skin. With these extremes in mind, we created colors that would suit the extremes. We invented a cool and warm compliment for each lip and eye color family and designed colors to complete the entire spectrum.

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