a whole lotta ooh la la

Tarte cosmetics is ever so girlie, but girlie in a very good way. They have combined all the things that really make us happy with our makeup; they are easy to use, great for makeup on the go, the colors are fantastic, and they even smell good too. What more could we want?

Since it's launch in 2000, Tarte goodies such as the cheek stain and 24/7 Lip Sheers have won rave reviews and reached cult favorite status. Tarte just keeps getting better and better.
  • Do not use animal testing.
  • Founded in 1999 by former psychologist and interior designer Maureen Kelly.

from the Tarte website :

You're wandering the cosmetics floor of a swanky department store when suddenly, a makeup artist swoops down on you and makes a gleeful proclamation: "What fabulous cheekbones/skin/eyes/lips you have!" they cry. "I have JUST the thing to bring them out even more..."

Flash forward a week. It's date night and you're in front of the mirror, armed with $250 worth of product and a willingness to experiment. And then it dawns on you... you have NO IDEA how to recreate the look. What's a woman to do? The answer?

Why, reach for her trusty tarte products, of course! With fun, easy-to-use products like push-up cheek stains and double-ended lipglosses, tarte was designed to take the stress out of makeup. "All of our products are designed to be portable and user-friendly," says CEO and creator Maureen Kelly. "tarte is ideal for the woman on the go who wants to streamline her makeup routine without sacrificing quality or luxury."

From the eyeshadows and blushes in luxe leatherette compacts (with mini-mirrors for touch-ups!) to the sleek brushes with conveniently short handles (perfect for tucking into your makeup bag), tarte products are accessories in and of themselves. Pucker up to a sleek double-ended lip gloss in the ladies room and you're guaranteed to get an admiring "ooh, where'd you get THAT?"

And just this once, a lady CAN kiss and tell!

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