Sun Dog's
guaranteed organic

A recent addition to the Dr.Bronner's family of products, Sun Dog's Magic follows the same principles of eco-consciousness while honoring the true spirit of sustainable, organic farming.
The label "Organic" may not always guarantee true organic products, as synthetic ingredients are often blended with minimal organic ones. Dr.Bronner's and Sun Dog's strive to ensure that this is not true of their "certified organic" products.
  • A prisoner re-integration non-profit organization Fair Shake is a primary beneficiary of Sun Dog's profits.
  • Do not test on animals.

from the Sun Dog's website :
Introducing a new era of organic integrity and performance
Introducing a new era of organic integrity and performance in body care, we are pleased to announce that Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps has acquired Sun Dog Hemp Body Care from long-time friend and activist Sue Kastensen. Working closely with Sue and two of the top Ph.D. formulators in the cosmetics industry, we have developed Sun Dog’s balms and lotions into superior organic formulations certified to the National Organic Standards. Sue will continue to work with us while powering up her prisoner re-integration non-profit Fair Shake, a primary beneficiary of our profits.

Our mission is to do right by organic farmers and consumers and be a positive stimulus to other companies in the body care industry, by showing that high-quality personal care products can be produced in full compliance with the food-grade standards of the USDA’s National Organic Program.

There unfortunately are a number of companies that prominently display “Organics” in their brand names on products that violate organic integrity by either: Using standard formulations based primarily on conventional synthetic ingredients to which secondary organic ingredients are added, notably organic water extracts, hydrosols and aloe vera; and/or two, using conventional natural instead of certified organic essential oils for scent.

Essential oils support a huge amount of farm acreage by weight versus other ingredients: the 1% to 2% essential oil in a body care product generally supports more acreage than the rest of the ingredients combined. An Organics-labeled product needs to support sustainable organic versus conventional agriculture, and should steer clear of conventional synthetic ingredients and preservatives.

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