baby appeal

Super cute, ultra-girly brand that's targeted to teenage girls. The blossoming cosmetics collection started with lip glosses and has since expanded to include eyeshadow, compacts and even fragrance.

While Sugar has all the cuteness needed to attract young girls to its collection, the prices could put it out of grasp for many. Thankfully there are still brands like Bonne Bell to make up for it.
  • Founded in 2000 in Irvine, California.
  • Sugar Cosmetics is the creation of Mary Boncutter and Carisa Janes.

from the Sugar website :
Sugar makes the heart grow fonder
SUGAR has found sweet success among the fashionably young. Whether she is sweet, sassy or sporty, SUGAR offers a variety of unique and stylish accessories that are accessible to every tween and teen. Season to season SUGAR shoes and SUGAR cosmetics remains an avant-garde among teen brands, constantly creating new, novelty items that keep the line looking young and fresh.

In 1998, Irvine, California-based R&S Trading Co. 26 Red Sugar, made its way into teen closets everywhere. SUGAR's signature Floatie sandals became the ultimate accessory and still are a favorite today. The Sugar Shoes collection features uber-feminine contemporary footwear for those that love a little whimsy. Both SUGAR Shoes and Floaties are created by Wendy Wolther, a renowned shoe designer.

But what is fashion without beauty? In 2000, Mary Boncutter, Founder of T&S Trading Co. 26 Red Sugar, asked herself that same question. In collaboration with Carisa Janes, Creative Director for SUGAR Cosmetics they were able to satisfy the sweet tooth of teens all over the world with the launch of Sugar Cosmetics, a super-sweet line of novelty make-up that debuted at department stores and speciality stores nationwide. Now SUGAR Cosmetics has grown from a small sugar-flavored lip gloss line into a complete line of novelty cosmetics, ranging from face, eyes and lips to body products and fragrance.

With sales skyrocketing for both the footwear and cosmetics lines, clearly, SUGAR and spice equals everything nice!

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