better than botox?

This anti-aging cream has become very popular. What started out as one brand, and one product - The StriVectin-SD anti-wrinkle cream claims to significantly improve the appearance of facial wrinkles, stretch marks, and minor skin imperfections by aiding the build-up of collagen.

The introduction of the StriVectin Eye Cream hopes to do for eyes all that has been claimed for the face and body.

Numerous user testimonials state visible improvements to fine lines and wrinkles after a couple weeks.
  • The makers of Strivectin-Sd have also introduced Hylexin - a treatment for under-eye circles.
  • Founded in 2000 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

from the StriVectin-SD website :
Wrinkles Removal Cream
Although StriVectin-SD's™ functional components were already backed by clinical trials documenting their ability to visibly reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks (prominent because of their depth, length, discoloration and texture)... the success of StriVectin-SD as an anti-wrinkle cream was “dumb luck,” says Gina Gay, spokesperson for Klein-Becker®, StriVectin-SD's™ exclusive distributor.

When we first handed out samples of the StriVectin® formula to employees and customers as part of our market research, the sample tubes were simply marked “topical cream” with the lot number underneath,” Ms. Gay explains. “As the samples were passed to friends and family, the message became a little muddled and some people used this “topical cream” as a facial moisturizer. As we began to receive feedback from users, like “I look 10 years younger” and “I can’t even notice my crows' feet” we knew we had something more than America's most effective stretch-mark cream. The point was driven home as store owners began reporting that almost as many people were purchasing StriVectin as an anti-wrinkle cream as were buying it to reduce stretch marks.”

Dr. Daniel B. Mowrey, PhD, Klein-Becker's Director of Scientific Affairs, says, “Clearly, people were seeing results, but we didn't have a scientific explanation as to why this wrinkle-reduction was occurring. However, based on the incredibly positive reports, I started using it myself applying StriVectin to my face after shaving.” Dr. Mowrey adds, “On a personal note, my wife tells me I haven't looked this good in years.”
Dumb Luck St

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StriVectin Eye Cream
StriVectin Eye Cream
The newly introduced follow-up to the exceedingly popular StriVectin-SD cream. Specially formulated for the orbital eye area. read more