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SK2 (or SKII) is one of the darling brands of Asia, and rapidly becoming popular around the globe. The secret ingredient is Pitera - a formula discovered by a Japanese monk, so the story goes.

Pitera contains a natural collection of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and organic acids that helps to restore the skin's natural rhythm by stimulating it's renewal process.
  • Many brides-to-be in Asia use the facial treatment masks for the 28 days before they wed to make their skin truly glow.
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the one's I want

I am a total sucker for this line of skincare. I became familiar with this line while living in Asia, but did not actually start using it until it was finally introduced here in the US many years later. I have tried many of the products and I have loved them all.
The only reason I do not continue to use them is that they are far to expensive for me to use with real regularity. I still cave in every now and again and buy the whitening masks - they are such a fabulous way to pamper yourself at home - and my skin just sucks up the pitera rich goodness.
If your planning on checking out this line, I recommend buying it from SaSa's online store - it's way way cheaper than any other vendor-even with the cost of shipping from Hong-Kong

submitted by: marinegirl : 08:03 - February 4, 2006

from the SK2 website :
Crystal Clear Skin
For almost a generation, Japanese women have known a secret...

Their secret is contained in the revolutionary effects of SK-II: a skincare range combining the magic of nature with the advances of science.

A Japanese monk visiting a sake brewery noticed that the brewery workers had extraordinarily soft and youthful hands. Even an elderly man with pronounced wrinkles on his face possessed the silky smooth hands of a young boy.

After a series of experiments a team of skincare scientists discovered the secret; a clear, nutrient-rich liquid that could be extracted during the yeast fermentation process. They named the liquid 'Pitera', which, over time, has become known as the 'Secret Key' to beautiful skin.

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Facial Treatment Essence
Facial Treatment Essence
This Pitera-rich product helps boost moisture levels to improve texture and clarity for a more beautiful, glowing complexion. read more