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The Sisley brand is a prime example of how simply being French and expensive can sell a beauty product. Everyone is a sucker for European beauty secrets, so it's easy for us to be taken in by the promises of luxury French brandnames like Sisley.

So what do you really get for the money? Not value that's for sure. While beauitfully packaged, Sisley is outrageously overpriced for what you get, the formulations are rather unexciting and heavily fragranced. But perhaps the real value of Sisley products is in the way they make us feel over how well they actually work.

from the Sisley website :
botanical beauty products
Sisley is a French family business which creates and distributes luxury cosmetics, perfumes and makeup.

Created in 1976 by Count Hubert d'Ornano, Sisley has rapidly become one of the most successful companies in the cosmetics industry thanks to a new and unique concept ahead of its time: Phytocosmetology.

Sisley provides a complete line of high-quality beauty products whose active ingredients are natural plant extracts and essential oils.

All Sisley products are made with natural plant extracts and essential oils which are stringently selected in order to satisfy the following criteria :

* Choice of the country or region of origin offering the best plant.

* Selection of the best part of the plant to be used.

* Precise determination of harvesting time to ensure that the selected plant will yield superior quality active agents.

* Scientifically selected optimum extraction method, depending on the plant.

* Perfect control of the obtained extracts' purity.

This demand for quality and the meticulous proportioning of ingredients guarantee visible and immediate results.
Sisley's concept and exigency have brought new dimensions to Phytocosmetology.

A team of high-level researchers constantly selects the best natural plant extracts, from which the purest and most active beneficial ingredients can be extracted.

The scientific extraction methods employed by Sisley allow the concentration of each active element to be optimized.

These extracts and their unique synergistic combinations are the key to Sisley's high performance products for face and body.

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