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This small focused range of quality products have one simple aim, to make skin as white as possible. Made in Japan by cosmetics giant Kose, Sekkisei uses many traditional oriental plants in the formulation of this line.

With a focus on targeting freckles and pigmentation, the main aim of Sekkisei is to even skin tone , reverse any pigmentation caused by the sun and prevent future damage.
  • Medicated Sekkisei (lotion) was launched in 1985.
  • There are only a handful of products the Sekkisei product line.
  • Sekkisei is manufactured by Kose, the third largest cosmetics company in Japan.

from the Sekkisei website :
skin as white as snow
The Origin of the Name
While today, various manufacturers are using Kanji for the name of products, in the case of legacy products, English or French was often used to express effectiveness in a fashionable manner. For the sake of achieving differentiation from other companies and in order to facilitate the formation of an image, Kose thought the naming should be familiar to consumers.

Based on the belief that the image of "snow" expressed in Chinese character, a rare initiative in those days, would have a strong impact, this Chinese character was used in the product name.

Sekkisei, a medicinal cosmetic lotion that achieves skin as white as snow. This image has become entrenched and the concept, "the effect has become the name" is even used in advertising copy today.

Bottle Design
A hexagonal bottle design that is reminiscent of crystals of snow was employed rather than a design with round or square undertones.

A dark blue color that represents the surface of the snow at a ski resort reflecting moonlight on a pitch-dark night was selected in order to produce a clear image of the whiteness of snow.

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Sekkisei Lotion
Sekkisei Lotion
An intense moisturizing lotion that enhances the texture of the skin. This lightweight formula moisturizes the skin while removing dullness to create even skin tone. read more