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Why is Britain's number one selling make-up line only available from Walmart in the USA? This staple sold at many English high street drugstores deserves similar treatment outside the UK.

London-based brand Rimmel features a make-up collection that is reasonably priced, while the colors and formulations are equal to many far more expensive brands. Almost everything made by Rimmel is worth considering especially for the prices.
  • Rimmel is owned by Coty Inc.
  • London girl Kate Moss is the face of Rimmel.
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Rimmel review rating: 4 out of 5
Special Eyes Duo EYe Shadow

I truly love this product, but why can't you include a application stick with a sponge that doesn't fall off after one or two weeks of use???
Put some glue on them if you need to....

submitted by: Guest : 08:42 - November 10, 2008

Rimmel review rating: 5 out of 5

I recently purchased Rimmel nail polish. It's by far the best I've ever used.
submitted by: Guest : 10:53 - February 28, 2007

Rimmel review rating: 4 out of 5

I am (used to be :)) a Mary Kay only girl. I ran out of foundation when my rep was out of town. Not wanting to spend alot of money for something I was only going to use 3-4 times I purchased Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation. Need I say that I have NOT purchased my Mary Kay foundation yet.....9 months later!
submitted by: Guest : 08:41 - June 15, 2006

from the Rimmel website :
a galaxy of star products
Founded in London, Rimmel has kept its finger on the pulse of this most eclectic of capitals, and taken inspiration from the cityís unique street style to create a brand of beauty thatís quite different from anything to emerge from Milan, Paris or New York.
Beauty made in London is witty, edgy and streetwise. Itís about setting trends, not following them. Itís about experimentation and self-expression. In a word, itís about having fun. And Rimmelís affordable range of colourful, contemporary, high-quality products is designed to enable real women to do just that. Why have one identity when you can have as many as you like? With Rimmel, changing your look is as easy as hopping on the London Tube and switching from Soho to Camden, from Portobello to Notting Hill.
The London look
A galaxy of star products Rimmelís extensive range is kept bang up-to-the-minute as it translates the look of London into new shades, products, packaging and advertising. But however creative and fashion-forward, Rimmel products are always easy to use, versatile and accessible, designed to encourage experimentation and self-expression.

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