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Founded in Australia, Red Earth spread it's wings in the early 1990's with shops springing up throughout South East Asia and Europe. Today it seems that Red Earth cosmetics and skincare is available almost everywhere, except most noteably from the United States. North American fans of the line will have to venture north to Canada where it is available.

The Red Earth line of products features some great cosmetics, with colors and shades that are updated seasonally. This reasonably priced line is a good alternative to the Body Shop's colourings collection. The brand also have two skincare collection;hydropure and hydrowhite.
  • Do not use animal testing.
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Also in the United States

Good News - red earth Cosmetics are also available at select Ulta Stores in the United States. Products can also be purchased at


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from the Red Earth website :
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Red Earth has its origin in Australia and was owned by Red Earth International Ltd.

In 1992, Esprit acquired 60.78% interest in Red Earth International Ltd. and brought the brand to Asia.

Ever since the brand has been expanding throughout and beyond Asia. In 2001, Esprit acquired the remaining 39.22% interest and became the sole owner of the Red Earth brand.

Red Earth cosmetics and skin care products are now having their footprints all over the world, incities like London, Dublin, Manchester, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Osaka, Taipei, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila, Dubai, Egypt and Kuwait etc.

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