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Much like his contempories Dr. Murad and Dr. Perricone, Dr. Gregory Bays Brown has created a complete skincare collection based on his research and experience as a plastic surgeon.

Dr. Brown's solution has been a series of products using a bioengineered molecule called EGF(Epidermal Growth Factor). While originally created for wound healing, RéVive's products use EGF to regenerate the skin and to delay the effects of aging.
  • Founded in 1994 in Louisville, Kentuky.

from the RéVive website :
Like Manolo Blahnik and Oscar De La Renta, noted plastic surgeon, Dr. Gregory Bays Brown knows how to make women look and feel beautiful. He has created the world’s most effective skincare line - RéVive - -signaling the first merging of rigorous science and haute-couture skincare.

It all began when Dr. Brown established a laboratory to conduct a two million dollar study on healing severe wounds of burn victims. In his research, he discovered a bioengineered molecule called EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) -that when applied to burns and wounds, dramatically accelerated healing in all patients tested. It was then, that Dr. Brown had his moment of revelation: this was the same molecule that regenerated aging skin. He was compelled to apply the same intensive scientific attention to skincare. He set up a laboratory within the burn research unit convinced that the only way to obtain the fluid-filled skin of youth was at the molecular level -with EGF. He proved that in a cream form, he could give women what they really want: the vibrant skin of their youth.

Simultaneously, in his thriving practice, Brown was growing frustrated with the limits of plastic surgery. To his great disappointment, Brown realized he could achieve success surgically but only to a point because, even after surgery, the skin still looked lackluster. “You can get rid of a turkey gobbler” says Dr. Brown, “and take out bags, but surgery cannot give you the succulent soft skin you had in your twenties.” As a Harvard and Emory trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon for 20 years, he was not willing to join the pack of plastic surgeons performing increasingly extreme face-lifts, at their patients request, because he knew that wasn’t the solution.

Dr. Brown was the first doctor and scientist to apply the bioengineered version of EGF into skincare. The discovery of EGF went on to win a Nobel Prize in 1986. His findings were published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1989. He won the cosmetic patent for EGF in 1994. Through perseverance, Dr. Brown realized his dream and launched RéVive to the public in 1997.

“I’ve been using RéVive on patients since 1991,” says Dr. Brown. “I was able to show real results objectively with biopsies to prove we increased cell turnover. There is nothing surgically that can do what RéVive does -to give you that dewy-glow and luscious, youthful skin. There is no single magic bullet in aging but we can already delay plastic surgery with RéVive products. If you use it religiously, RéVive will decrease the magnitude of the surgical procedure needed.”

Brown is the only plastic surgeon with a commercial skincare line. “Dermatologists aren’t trained to work below the surface,” says Brown. “Because they don’t have the same experience with the underlying structure of the skin, their commercial skincare lines could never reach the level of activity found in RéVive.”

Dr. Brown’s aim is true: he wants to help people attain what is reasonable to achieve with skincare. Certainly no one would accuse him of building his plastic surgery business! As he says, “I would have been a much richer man if I hadn't done RéVive. All my savings have gone into it but I know it improves quality of life. Women look and feel better about themselves without going through the agony and risk of surgery. If I had to do it all over again I wouldn’t change a thing.”

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