never take it too seriously girls

What happens when three friends that just happen to be confessed beauty junkies get together to start their own line of cosmetics? Pout happens, that's what.

We've all sat around with our girlfriends wishing for products that would work better than the ones we had, but unlike us Emily, Chantal and Anna decided to do something about it. Pout combines sensible solutions with a dose of humor and style. Pout will never take itself too seriously.
  • Pout was founded in 2001 in the U.K.
  • Celebrity fans include: Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Bosworth Nikki Sanderson and Kate Hudson.
  • Voted best lip plumper by U Magazine's 2006 Beauty Awards.

from the Pout website :

Pout - the fabulously feminine, celebrity adored make-up brand from London was created by three spirited and ambitious women, Emily, Anna and Chantal. Over 5 years ago, the friends started on their mission to make make-up light hearted, inspiring and accessible. "We felt that the beauty industry was taking itself far too seriously and we wanted women to rediscover the fun and playfulness that make-up should be about" explains Emily, "Pout embodies women today. We want things to look beautiful, but at the same time, deliver quick and easy solutions that fit into our busy lives. We don't have time to spend hours in front of the mirror airbrushing our way to perfection - we want glamour on the go and five minutes to fabulous!"

By combining deliciously frivolous details with product formulations that delight & deliver, Pout is designed to women feel pampered and indulged and inspired at every level.

It's no wonder Pout's the name on everyone's lips!

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