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Pixi is a family run operation, founded by three sisters, who each contribute their individual expertise to the brand. With backgrounds in make-up artistry and skincare therapy, the Strand sisters, Petra, Sara and Sofia have created fun, girlie products that aim to simplify our daily routines.

Pixies evoke images of feminine, fun-loving, free spirits that are sometime mischievous and cheeky, this is exactly the image that Pixi wishes to capture, and they have managed it beautifully.
  • Petra and Sara are make-up artists, Sofia is an aesthetician.
  • The Strand sisters founded Pixi in 1999.

from the Pixi website :
wake me up, make me up
Pixi is an independent british beauty company consisting of a full colour makeup range, a skincare range and accessories.

Pixi is a family business, consisting of three sisters: petra, sofia and sara. petra and sara are makeup artists who create the pixi colour range.sofia, a skin therapist, develops the herbal and botanical based skintreats collection.

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