equine inspired elegance

Founded in 2006 in Syosset, New York by fashion executive and equestrian Marie Regan. Using the elegance of the equestrian world as inspiration along with time honored beauty secrets passed down through the generations.

The rich, natural elegance and precision of equestrian dressage events inspires Piaffe in both it's performance skincare and it's rich highly pigmented color palettes.
  • Most popular products include: Mineral Blush, Mineral Sheer Tint and Powdery Eye Liner.

behind the name
The piaffe is a dressage movement where the horse is in a highly collected and cadenced trot, in place or nearly in place. Originally used in battle to keep the horse focussed, warm, and moving, the piaffe is now mostly taught as an upper level movement in Classical dressage and as a Grand Prix level movement.

from the Piaffe website :
Welcome to the beautiful world of Piaffe
Best known in the equestrian world as the elegant sport of dressage - commonly likened to an equine ballet - creator Marie Regan's version of Piaffe will be known in the beauty world as a sophisticated collection of both skincare and mineral make-up inspired by its namesake's philosophy of elegant perfection.

Piaffe is a comprehensive luxury line of efficacious skincare and make-up infused with skin-benefiting minerals and vitamins that actually improve the condition of the skin. The make-up is highly pigmented to keep eyes, cheeks and lips looking beautiful longer, while precise skincare formulations deliver a flawless complexion, making Piaffe the only choice for unparalleled healthy beauty.

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