brand on a mission

Osmotics are a brand on a mission. Their mission is to become the leading cosmeceutical company in the world. On cutting edge of therapeutic skincare technology, they work with University Medical Centers and scientists to formulate their revolutionary products.

This all sounds extemely impressive, therefore in a market which now favors the clinical beauty lines, Osmotics is sure to appeal. At least "the less is more" approach means we won't have to spend too much to look good, right? Don't bet on it.
  • Osmotics has created the Skin Science Library, a resource of scientific article for personal skincare knowledge.
  • Dr Peter Elias, MD is chairman of the Osmotics Scientific Advisory Board and a professor of Dermatology at Unversity of California, San Francisco.
  • Founded in 1993 in Denver, Colerado by husband and wife Steve and Francine Porter.

from the Osmotics website :

Osmotics is the leader in Cosmeceutical skincare, offering the finest and most advanced technology available to treat and prevent signs of aging and damaged skin. Our products offer a streamlined yet highly effective approach to the total care of the skin.

Osmotics has created the skin science library, a living resource of pertinent scientific articles for your personal skincare knowledge. Osmotics takes pride in offering you the most current information on the latest skin care research.

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