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A lot has changed from the days of Oil of Olay, many of the old formulations are gone, replaced by new and improved treatments. In fact it is hard to remember the original Oil of Olay at all.

The product and name overhaul came in 1999, when Olay was purchased by Proctor & Gamble. Under this new ownership, the Olay range has seen massive expansion and the introduction of some great products.
  • Olay do use animal testing.

from the Olay website :
love the skin your in
As a leader in the field of skin care for over 50 years, Olay has always been dedicated to helping women look and feel their best.

Listening to women and understanding their needs has long been the foundation upon which Olay researches and develops new skin care products. This has led to tremendous innovation, and Olay has been the creator and first-to market with many technology advancements.

With the addition of Vitamins to the Olay family, Olay now offers women a complete range of products designed to care for skin and overall health, inside and out. Because for today's woman, there is no longer a choice between health OR beauty; she believes beauty depends on health.

Outside: Olay cleansers and moisturizers are an essential part of keeping skin looking and feeling beautiful all over. Different skin types and conditions call for It's possible to fight the effects of skin aging with proper skin care and nutrition, but aging itself is inevitable. Our apparent age is revealed through our skin. Its appearance depends on a number of factors, including genetic inheritance, ethnicity, and how our skin has been treated throughout our lifetime. Skin loses its healthy look as we age due to the skin's inability to retain moisture.

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