pour homme

A new brand of skincare for men, Nickel was created by Philippe Dumont, who opened the first men-only spa in Paris, in 1996, another in 1999, and two years later launched a spa in New York.

With products such as Morning After Rescue Gel, Nickel says its range offers instant results and contain a "higher percentage of active ingredients than found currently in women's cosmetics". The packaging is no-frills and decidedly masculine in design.
  • "Nickel" is French slang for "feeling good".

from the Nickel website :
Serious skin care for men
A Brand created by a man

Philippe Dumont is only 33 years old but he has spent the last ten years working with the top brands in cosmetics.
He has always wanted to create his own brand.
And he's always ready to talk about it.

Straight-Talking Cosmetics

Talking straight means doing what you say and explaining how you do it. It means presenting the simple truth about products without all the fuss, frills and exaggerated claims found in women's cosmetics. It means talking the way men talk - getting right to the point.
Products that Respond to Men's Concerns:
A man wants results and wants them right away. Looking good immediately and knowing that it shows without anyone being the wiser. Nickel proposes specific products with non-greasy textures that give visible results.

"Build-up" Formulas

Because a man's skin is thicker and subject to more aggressions (sports, shaving) than a woman, all NICKEL's formulas contain a higher percentage of active ingredients than any women's cosmetic product. Tensor agents, fruit acids, a blend of vitamins and oligo-elements, our products use ingredients that give sure-fire results. Not to mention a few house secrets we've thrown in.

"Sensational" Cosmetics

You can feel all NICKEL's formulas working on your skin. For example, The Morning After Rescue Gel (Lendemain de Fete), enriched with caffeine, decongests, reactivates and tones your skin, giving you a long-lasting extra-fresh sensation.

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