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The brainchild of famed make-up artist François Nars, NARS made it's debut in 1994 and has managed to seasonally keep pace with the ever revolving fashion world.

NARS is all about style, luxury and color and just like the best fashion, NARS is constantly evolving and updating it's palettes. Always managing to stay at the cutting edge of cool, the NARS cosmetics line is always worth checking out.
  • François Nars has worked with many top names in fashion including, Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Sui, Versace and Valentino.
  • Celebrity clients including Madonna, Sharon Stone, Lauren Hutton, Michelle Pfeiffer and Catherine Deneuve.
  • In 1999, François' successful photography book 'X-Ray' was released.
  • 'Makeup Your Mind', an instructional makeup manual was later released in 2001.
  • The packaging for NARS and NARSskin were created by famed designer Fabien Baron.

from the NARS website :
lifestyle brand of the future
At the heart of NARS is François Nars' mission to empower women to experiment and have fun with makeup by teaching them how to enhance their natural beauty and individual characteristics. An iconoclastic philosophy, Nars believes there are no rules when it comes to beauty; whatever makes you look and feel good is right. NARS has the ability to be many things to many people: a stylish accessory, a guilty pleasure or a makeup wardrobe staple, but it's a certain allure imparted by François Nars that makes NARS a state of mind and a lifestyle brand for the future.

Believing that "great skin is the first step in looking beautiful" François Nars created a skincare regime to mirror this sentiment. With a directive to utilize the natural elements with which we feed our bodies to nourish our skin (water, vitamins, minerals and botanicals), NARSskin was born. Offering women a collection of products delivering the benefits of nature and utilizing exclusive technology, NARSskin is formulated to purify, hydrate, revitalize and soothe the skin to provide a luminous, healthy appearance. Delivering results in an edited regime, NARSskin maintains and enhances the appearance of the skin today in preparation for the future.

NARS provides women with a full spectrum of classic and fashion-forward colors and innovative products from which they can build their makeup wardrobe and express their individual beauty. Wearable, translucent yet concentrated color allows women to experiment with a full range of hues. Always on the cutting edge, Nars creates products that revolutionize the beauty industry — such as The Multiple, the original three in one stick of cream to powder color — and gives women a new way to approach makeup and ultimately their own beauty.

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