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While running a successful modeling agency in Sydney, Australia, Shelley Barret would hear many models and stylists wishing for beauty products that had yet to be created. Shelly wisely paid attention and after carefully formulating some of these wishlist items, ModelCo was born.

Today ModelCo continues to thrive thanks to Shelly's pioneering spirit. The company boasts many innovative products that have changed the way we make-up forever. Shelly, thank you for listening and sharing!
  • Although founded in Australia in 2002 it was not launched in the US until 2005.
  • ModelCo introduced the revolutionary heated LASH WAND.
  • Many celebs love ModelCo, like: Kylie Minogue, Nicole Kidman, Kate Moss and Sienna Miller.
  • TAN Airbrush in a Can was released in late 2003 with world record sales.

from the ModelCo website :

ModelCo is an innovative beauty company based in Sydney, Australia and is the creation of former model agent Shelley Barrett. ModelCo launched onto the market with the phenomenally successful LASH WAND Heated Eyelash Curler in May 2002 with supermodel Elle Macpherson. ModelCo's cult range of products, including over 60 unique wonder products, have made the company a global success by being the first to produce a range of unique products never seen before in the market place. Hero creations, like the revolutionary Airbrush range, in particular TAN Airbrush in a Can and SKIN DRINK, have become the fastest selling line of items in many department stores throughout the world. The innovative qualities in ModelCo's product range have changed women's lives forever.

ModelCo is generating a lot of excitement amongst influential beauty critics, beauty conscious women, stylists, celebrities and women around the world. Our products are stylish, practical and aimed to make the job of looking gorgeous and impeccably groomed just that little bit easier. ModelCo is stocked in top end department stores and beauty apothecaries around the world. Our unique innovations can now be seen in MYER, David Jones and in hip and groovy places like London’s Space NK, Colette and Le Printemp’s in Paris, Sony Plaza in Japan and in women’s beauty bags from Canada to Hong Kong to New Zealand and Dublin! Visit for a full list or stockists.

So how did ModelCo start? Director, Shelley Barrett (formerly Shelley Williams), had been running a successful modeling agency for 10 years and over the course of time she would hear countless stories, ideas and dreams from her models and stylists about products they wished were on the market but weren’t available. Shelley listened, saw the potential for a thriving business and went straight into production formulating new and innovative products that no other cosmetic brands had. With the phenomenal success of LASH WAND, Shelley realised there was a niche in the marketplace for a premium cosmetic brand producing innovations that weren’t available to the consumer.

ModelCo developed their signature ‘pink’ identity and with brand essence of WOW is set to create innovative beauty products inspired by models, celebrity and the every day women’s need for unique cosmetics. Along with other unique innovations, TAN Airbrush in a Can was released in late 2003 with world record sales. ModelCo is fast becoming an international cult beauty brand and is set to keep painting the world pink!

And did we mention how much we’re loved by celebrities? Kylie & Dannii Minogue, Kate Moss, Eva Herizgova, Helena Christensen and Nicole Kidman are just a few celebs that love our product! Visit our website to get ‘in-the-know’ and be part of the happening world of ModelCo.

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