super AHA fix

Once part of the M.D.Formulations brand which in 2001 merged with bare escentuals while M.D. FORTÉ was separated and sold to Allergan, the company that distributes Botox.

The M.D. FORTÉ product line features AHA in higher concentrations than other brands including M.D. Formulations, although other similarities between the two brands are still noticeable.

M.D. FORTÉ is sold mainly through dermatologist offices and medical spas within the Allergan network.

from the M.D. FORTÉ website :
Discover the beauty that lies within
Welcome to M.D. FORTÉ®, a comprehensive alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) skin care system. Only M.D. FORTÉ® products use the science of combining glycolic acid (an AHA naturally found in sugar cane) with the process of partial neutralization. This allows us to create products with significantly higher concentrations of glycolic acid plus a pH closer to that of normal skin.
We also offer several non-AHA products for more delicate or vulnerable skin. So whatever your skin type, you can enjoy maximum results with minimum irritation as you clean, refresh, protect and rejuvenate your skin.

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