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AHA all star

MD Formulations has the widest range of gycolic acid-based AHA products on offer today. They are well formulated with the appropriate pH levels for effective exfoliation. For anyone looking for an AHA skincare regimen, MD Formulations is worth checking out.

Owned by bare escentuals since 2001, M.D.Formulations is often mistaken for the M.D. FORTÉ line of AHA products. In fact the two companies were one until the 2001 sale to bare escentuals, M.D. FORTÉ was bought by Allergan, the company that distributes Botox.

from the MD Formulations website :
Forever Young.
Now for over 20 years, MD Formulations has been at the forefront of converging science with beauty. Our skin care products are proprietary, technologically superior, and clinically proven to deliver dramatic results while maintaining the highest standards of safety.

In addition to our complete home care line, MD Formulations offers specially formulated and carefully selected professional use- only products and exclusive treatments to deliver maximum results and improve the success of your clients' home care regimen.

These facial and body treatments were developed by skin care professionals for skin care professionals to address various skin conditions and concerns, and to deliver the highest level of results possible with MD Formulations skin care products. These treatments will minimize the signs of aging, assist in the relief of problem-prone and oil-prone skin, balance and brighten irregular skin tones, manage sensitive skin and soften dry, rough skin. Start building your spa menu and drive sales through your professional business today: Consult your MD Formulations sales representative by calling 1 800 MD FORMULA (800-633-6768) for more information (In USA only).

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