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For almost 20 years, Make Up For Ever has been a weapon of choice among make-up artists around the world. With a huge product line and a successful academy offering professional make-up training, Make Up For Ever, helmed by famed make-up artist and perfectionist Dany Sanz, have just what the professional and home make-up artist needs.

  • Dany Sanz and Jacques Waneph established Make Up Forever in 1984.
  • Their workshop studio became a meeting place for make-up professionals.
  • Make Up For Ever has been part of the LVMH group since 1999.
  • Product lines include 125 eyeshadows, 100 lipsticks and products for body painting and special effects.

from the Make Up For Ever website :
a love story
The Make Up For Ever Craze among make-up artists all over the world can be explained by it's professional origins and the credibility of it's creator Dany Sanz. When Dany Sanz and Jacques Waneph established Make Up For Ever, back in 1984, their priority was responding to the needs of the stage and fashion worlds. Little did they know that their company would very rapidly become a major cult brand, a genuine international make-up artist's asset shared by both professionals and the public at large.

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5 Camouflage Cream Palette
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