practical perfection

One of the leaders of the skincare and beauty industry, L'Oréal are true innovators and stand out ahead of the pack in producing quality products at reasonable prices.

The best L'Oréal formulations however are available only outside the USA, such as their sunscreens which contain mexoryl, one of the best known protectors against UVA.
  • Do not use animals testing on their products.
  • Celebrity spokespeople include Milla Jovovich, Andie Mc Dowell and Beyoncé.
  • Creators of Mexoryl SX, a super UVA-protecting suncreen.

from the L'Oréal website :
because your worth it
The name L'Oréal is synonymous with the legendary advertising campaign, "Because I'm Worth It". This campaign not only began with the launch of the superior Preference haircolor line, but came to encompass the spirit of L'Oréal itself: To provide the most innovative, high-quality and advanced products at an affordable price for women, men, and children of all ages and ethnicities.

As a world leader in the beauty industry, L'Oréal Paris has an unparalleled commitment to technology, research and innovation. L'Oréal's continued dedication to developing future landmark products has placed them far ahead of the competition in beauty-related patent registrations.

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