Lindi Skin
the caring touch

The Lindi Skin line of products have been specially formulated for people undergoing treatment for cancer or related conditions. During treatments such as chemotherapy, the skin is particularly vulnerable, while the treatment itself also have skin-related side effects, so standard skincare is unsuitable.

Irritation from preservatives and fragrances are the biggest enemies of skin under stress, so Lindi Skin is formulated with this in mind.

from the Lindi Skin website :
Protecting and renewing sensitive or comprimised skin
Lindi Skin is dedicated to developing skin care products that ease the burden of common side-effects experienced by individuals undergoing treatment for cancer and related disorders. Specifically formulated to soothe the symptoms that occur during and after radiation therapy and chemotherapy, Lindi Skin products are incomparable for anyone interested in high quality skin care.
Our products are intended to help individuals feel better, both physically and emotionally, and gain a greater degree of control over the side effects they experience. Lindi Skin combines state of the art technology and the latest medical information with innovative ingredients to formulate superior products for a very special group of people.

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