Leaf & Rusher
Beauty within reach

Created by plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Leaf and registered nurse Rand Rusher, Leaf & Rusher is dedicated to producing effective skin treatments for the discerning client.

With both a successful plastic surgery practice and a busy skincare practice, both men really know how to bring out the best in our skin.
  • Founded in 2002 in Beverly Hills, California.

from the Leaf & Rusher website :

Leaf & Rusher was established to create a line of skin care products for the most discerning clients in the world. These individuals demand results; they don't need a merely pleasant cream or lotion. Working with our clients, listening to their questions, observing their responses to our clinical trials, has helped us to develop what we firmly believe to be the most effective skincare line available.

“Our intimate and extensive experience with the skin’s aging process allowed us to validate our theory that highly active forms of vitamins, algae and messenger peptides in an effective delivery system can visibly improve texture, tone and clarity on a wide variety of skin types. We are continuing our research and developing treatments that go beyond common skin care, based on the most effective ingredients and systems in existence, from biotech to botanical.”

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