the true professional

For decades KRYOLAN make-up has been the gold standard for professional make-up artists. Over the years they have met the growing needs of the theater, movie, television and studio make-up artist.

Whether it's face painting, high fashion or horror film special effects, KRYOLAN has the tools of the trade capable of make-up magic. This respected company is a product of choice for professionals all over the world.

from the KRYOLAN website :
professional make-up
KRYOLAN is a specialized manufacturer of professional make-up serving theater, film, and television around the globe for more than 50 years.

The KRYOLAN team is dedicated to all those having special needs, if for the theatrical stage, movie or television productions, face or body painting.

At the company's headquarters in Berlin / Germany scientists continuously work developing new products, looking for innovative raw materials with special skin caring properties.

With the experience of more than half a century KRYOLAN understands to its best the need of qualified professional make-up artists working in the entertainment industry.

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