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All Hail the King

One of the world's greatest make-up artists, known for his stunning and innovative creations. Kevyn had a rare gift for transforming a face, even the ability to create an entirely new persona with make-up.

One of the most popular people in the fashion world, Kevyn is unfortunately no longer with us, however, his legecy lives on through his many books and the Kevyn Aucoin Beauty line of cosmetics.
  • Between 1987-88 Kevyn did nine Vogue covers and Seven Cosmopolitan covers.
  • Kevyn's book "Face Forward" features many famous faces undergoing amazing transformations.

from the Kevyn Aucoin Beauty website :
a beautiful life
Never in the history of the beauty industry has there been a more influential makeup artist than Kevyn Aucoin . For almost 20 years, Kevyn was the makeup artist of choice for every major movie star, pop icon and supermodel in the world. His work appeared on high fashion catwalks, movie premier red carpets, dazzling billboards and eye-catching magazine covers. With no formal training or high school diploma, Kevyn's inner talent to create beauty in everything was inspired by personal struggles while growing up in a sleepy town in Louisiana. Despite these limitations, his books, "The Art of Makeup", "Making Faces" and "Face Forward" were all bestsellers. These self-help manuals inspired women everywhere to realize that true beauty lies in discovering their own individuality.

For years, Kevyn worked to develop formulas and product specifics for his own cosmetic line, which launched in September 2001. The following month, just shy of his 40th birthday, Kevyn was diagnosed with a rare pituitary tumor. Seven months later, Kevyn passed away from complications relating to this disorder.

Devastated by their loss, but inspired by his son's work, Isidore Aucoin and his family carry on Kevyn's vision. Under the direction of Kevyn's long time business partner, Eric Sakas, the Kevyn Aucoin cosmetics line is currently marketed to prestigious retailers and will continue to introduce products that Kevyn defined and created.

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