Japan All-Star

A name trusted in Japan for beauty, personal care, and even household products. Kao is not so well known outside of South East Asia. Kao has managed to find success in western markets through their Bioré line of skincare products.

Although the Kao Corporation already own many well known brands established in western markets such as Curél and Jergens, there are many fans that would love to see more of their Japanese skincare, cosmetics and haircare ranges sold outside of Japan.
  • Not tested on animals
  • Kao Corporation acquired Kanebo Cosmetics in 2005.
  • The characters for "Kao" actually mean "king of flowers," the pronunciation is the same as the word for "face" in Japanese.
  • The Kao crescent moon logo ha been used since 1890, although it has gradually changed over time.
  • The Kao Bioré line of skincare products is popular around the world.
  • Kao Corporation own worldwide brands such as Bioré, Ban, Curél, Guhl, Jergens and John Frieda.

from the Kao website :
Pursuing Cleanliness, Beauty and Health for Everyday
Since the launch of the first-ever high quality domestic toiletry soap in Japan in 1890, Kao Corporation has taken a consumer driven principle as its basic stance in engaging in business.

Despite changes in lifestyles, sense of values and market environment, the pursuit of Yoki-Monozukuri* to provide wholehearted satisfaction to global consumers and customers is the goal of each Kao Group member as well as
the Company’s driving force.

Through businesses related to products and brands in the fields of cleanliness, beauty, health, and chemicals, we aim to be a company that shares joy with consumers and customers in Japan and around the world.

We at Kao conduct our business activities with these aspirations always in mind.

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