no more raccoon eyes

We all get dark circles around the eyes from time to time, sometimes it can feel like they just won't go away. For those dark days there is a new wonder treatment - Hylexin, this miracle-in-a-tube can radically reduce dark circles and under eye puffiness.

So how does it do that? Hylexin works to break down the blood that 'leaks' from the capillaries in the surrounding eye area, thus fading the dark shadows. Hylexin is the hottest new treatment for chronic dark circles.
  • Hylexin is made by the creators of Strivectin-SD.
  • Hylexin was launched in May 2005.

not just a quick fix
Hylexin is designed to help people with serious cronic eyebag problems. It is not for the occasional over-tired eye. Hylexin works with continued use to clear up existing eyebags and to prevent new circles from forming again. If you've simply had a late night, try chilled cucumber slices instead.
what makes a wonder cream?
According to the makers, Hylexin's key ingredients include hesperidin methyl chalcone - to lessen the tendancy of distrupted capillaries to leak fluid, dipeptide valytryptophane - improves lymphatic circulation, and lipopeptide pal-GQPR - which improves elasticity and firmness.
Hylexin reviews
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Hylexin review rating: 1 out of 5
Did not work for me

I am a 40 year old male. My eyes look like I just broke my nose. I have 2 dark black eyes and have for 10 years. My issue is caused by broken capalaries
submitted by: Guest : 10:53 - February 28, 2007

from the Hylexin website :
Serious Dark Circles?
"Hylexin is the first product specifically developed for serious dark circles... not the kind that pop up in the morning and are gone by breakfast, but the kind of serious dark circles that stay around forever... making you look old, tired and exhausted."

Do you know what actually "causes" serious dark circles? I thought I did... but I was wrong. Like most people, I thought dark circles were caused by hard partying, working late, being tired or simple allergies. But according to most research dermatologists, serious dark circles (the kind that make you look old, tired and exhausted) are about, of all things, the oxidation of hemoglobin (blood) in the capillary matrix of the peri-orbital eye area. What a mouthful!

These capillaries actually "leak" blood that begins to oxidize (through a process called hemoglobin degradation)... creating a dark bluish-red pigmentation that looks distinctly like an ugly bruise.

What does all that mean in plain English? Tiny little capillaries deposit blood around your sensitive eye area. The blood turns deep purple and you end up looking like you just went 12 hard rounds in a boxing ring.

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