vital water

Harnessing the power of the mighty ocean, H2O+ is as the name suggests, all about water. This excellent range of water-based, oil-free skin care and cosmetics has a lot more to offer than just plain old water.

Many of the formulations feature a dizzying amount of plant extracts as well as marine botanicals such as seaweeds and algae extracts.
  • no testing on animals
  • H2O+ boutiques can be found around the globe from China to Europe and the United States.

from the H2O+ website :
water based, oil-free skin care
It's water, but it's so much more. It's the thrill you had when you were seven and played "Marco Polo" in the deep end. It's the roar of the ocean at night. It's blue. It's mysterious, deep and wet. It's where you wish you were going. It's personal, comforting, serene.

Water is universal, in it, we begin our lives, take our first breath, see our reflection. It replenishes our body and soul, bringing balance and harmony. It reflects our emotions, through tears and laughter, the sweat on our brow. Water is fundamental, it sustains and revitalizes all living things. It is the essential element to healthy skin. It is the heart of who we are and what we do.

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