The sweet smell of luxury

More known for their fragrances than for their skincare, Guerlain a long-established French perfumer has created over 626 fragrances since it was founded in 1828.

In the late 80's they sparked a craze with the launch of météorites; the multi-colored beads of powder that were more fun than useful. Still available today météorites is joined by a wider range of seasonal color choices and an extensive skincare line.
  • Pierre François Pascal Guerlain founded Guerlain in 1828.
  • Shalimar, a cult perfume favorite was launched in 1925.
  • Many older perfume bottles were created by Raymond Guerlain and Baccarat.
  • Since 1975 perfume bottles have been designed by sculptor Robert Granai exclusively for Guerlain.

from the Guerlain website :
The Timeless World of Guerlain
Pierre François Pascal Guerlain has founded the company called after his name, in 1828. More than six hundred perfumes have been created by four generation of perfumers who have built an exceptional brand image. Certain creations, famous in the whole world, perpetuate this quest of beauty.

"Jicky", "L'Heure Bleue", "Shalimar", "Mitsouko", "Habit Rouge", "Vetiver", "Samsara", to name only a few of the company's creations, have known a considerable success.
Their durability -"Shalimar", for example, still today a cult perfume, was launched in 1925- is the most remarkable in the universe of perfumery.

In September 2003, Guerlain launched it's new women's fragrance, L'Instant de Guerlain, a perfume that blends with the skin and light.

Today Guerlain is also known for it's Skincare and Make up lines: "Issima", "Terracotta" and "Divinora".

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