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Glamorous, globtrotting celebrity make-up artistand International beauty expert Shalini Vadhera has created a line of cosmetics for every woman of the world inspired by the exotic places of the world.

A seasoned world traveller from an early age, Shalini was impressed by all the different beauty secrets that she has enountered, that she decided to use this knowledge to create a unique collection, that combines exotic ingredients and age old techniques from around the world.
  • Founded in 2005.

from the Global Goddess website :
destination glamour
You know her when you see her. A flawless finish, an innate sense of self. She exudes confidence, knows where she’s going and the path she’ll take. She is a curious adventurer, understanding that wherever she goes, something beautiful can be found. She is the true Global Goddess. And she wants to share her discoveries.

Global Goddess Beauty gives this savvy woman the ticket to ultimate beauty—without leaving her home. It’s a beauty adventure around the world, combining tried and true beauty tips, tricks and ingredients from women everywhere.

The brainchild of Celebrity Makeup Artist and Global Beauty Expert Shalini Vadhera, Global Goddess Beauty unlocks this treasure chest of the best beauty secrets from around the world. These lines bring you age-old secrets and unique, exotic ingredients. Different countries and cultures join on this journey with one goal in mind—a destination of ultimate beauty.

Gathered from her extensive overseas travel, first generation Indian-American, Shalini, has incorporated beauty secrets from women everywhere into a line of skincare and color that makes leading a glamorous jet set lifestyle an everyday possibility. So, ready, set, jet! It’s Destination Glamour.

Global Goddess Skincare guides you along every step of your journey to amazing skin. From washing off the night’s slumber to the final intense moisturizing of the day (and all beauty challenges in between), Global Goddess pampers with unique ingredients from around the world. Beauty adventurers will find their skin glowing from within with Japanese Camellia Oil , bodies brightened by South Asian turmeric, and faces hydrated with the exotic Spanish Prickly Pear. Regardless of which global ingredient is your travel companion, flawless skin is your ultimate destination.

Shalini’s celebrity behind-the-scenes beauty secrets are revealed within the products of the Global Goddess Makeup Line, along with products that have a multi-cultural draw. The colors are high in pigment, universally appealing on any complexion, and the line offers core colors that target the tough “mid-range skin tone,” including but not limited to S. Asian, Latina, Middle Eastern and mixed ethnicities. The delicious crème textures are as rich as the finest silk sari, enveloping the skin in First Class luxury, while triple milled powders disappear quickly to an amazing finish. Global Goddess also tackles multi-cultural beauty challenges—from false lashes for enhancing Asian eyes to brightening creams for under eye circles that plague darker skintones. It’s a journey through the colors, sites and sounds of exciting worldly destinations. The pinks of Jaipur, where Shalini fell in love with the city the King painted pink to impress his dinner guests, to the sands of the Serengeti, where Shalini went on her first safaris at a young age , Global Goddess Makeup offers a rich palette of color that showcases the beauty that is all around us.

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