Girlactik Beauty
shine like a star

Based in Los Angeles, Girlactik as is a Hollywood starlet's dream brand. Loaded with shine and glitter, Girlactik has what it takes to keep Tinseltown's glitterbabes shimmering and sparkling for the paparazzi.

If you looking to twinkle like a star, load up on Girlactik's eyeshadows and lip glosses. The brand cleverly caters to young women looking for glitz without breaking the bank to get it.
  • Celebrity fans included: Britney Spears, Carmen Electra, Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera, Eve, Julia Roberts and Ali Landry.
  • Founded in 2000 by aspiring beauty reporter Galit Strugano.

from the Girlactik Beauty website :

In late 1999, Galit Strugano, a Los Angeles native and founder of girlactik beauty, was working as a Hollywood makeup artist. When the glitter craze ignited, Galit was frustrated by the mess that glitter makeup made while applying it to her many clients. Determined to find a solution, she decided she would develop a sparkle formula that would work effortlessly for her, as well as others, once she saw celebrities walk down the red carpet with a perfect, beauty sparkling look that was flawless - and not to mention glamourous!

Galit's concept was simple. She created "sparkle makeup that actually stayed put." With a budget of $1,800, Galit scoured the Yellow Pages and found a chemist who helped her invent her signature long-lasting base and easy-to-use fine sparkles. With her makeup expertise and an eye for beauty, girlactik was born!

After three years of hard work on product development, and through word-of-mouth, girlactik has become the premier line of sparkle makeup. The line has attracted a huge celebrity base including Britney Spears, Carmen Electra, Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera, Eve, Julia Roberts, Ali Landry and more.

Galit's passion and dedication to girlactik has enabled her to receive impressive reviews from makeup artists, magazines, major beauty companies, and industry experts. Roseanne Fama, the Vice President of New Product Development for L'Oreal considers girlactik's Star Gloss lipglosses as one of the most "goop-free, goof-proof glosses," as quoted in O magazine.

With Galit's continuing search for sparkle and glam, she is constantly developing and creating diverse products that sparkle and shimmer. Her product line includes: her signature sparkle liner/shadow, shimmering highlighters, eye shadows, and glosses, among others.

She dreams of expanding the company into additional divisions offering sparkle and glam to women of all ages. Galit believes that sparkle makeup is for everyone. From the "subtle shine" to the "glam sparkle" look, anyone can enjoy and have fun with girlactik beauty and receive many compliments. Now how can you go wrong about that!

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