finding beauty from within

FANCL are one of the major players in the Japanese skincare and beauty industry. Available around South East Asia for many years, FANCL products are finally making their way over to the west.

FANCL's focus is on the health of your skin, to that end they are dedicated to the production of skincare that is preservative and additive-free. They also manufacture dietary supplements and Japanese green teas, which help maintain beauty from within.
  • FANCL were the first to develop supplement capsules produced exclusively from vegetable matter.
  • FANCL Corporation are headquartered in Yokohama, Japan.
  • Mr. Kenji Ikemori, President of FANCL Corporation, founded FANCL based on his vision of a preservative-free, healthy approach to beautiful skin.
  • FANCL is known as FANCL HOUSE in Asia.
  • FANCL product lines include: FENATTY, Evanté, BELMEIL, boscia, and FANCL.

from the FANCL website :
Natural beauty. Nothing more
That's right. It's not just what FANCL skin care has that makes your skin feel so incredibly refreshed, soft, and radiant, it's what we don't have. You see, most skin care products contain dulling alkalis, drying alcohol, and greasy, pore-clogging thickening agents. So we set out to change all that. Along the way, we discovered that preservatives are another culprit behind a less-than-the-best complexion. True, products with preservative can sit on your shelf for years, but they can also irritate and damage your skin and bring on breakouts.

Getting rid of all those damaging ingredients was a challenge. But our cosmetic chemists are extraordinarily inventive. Our formulations contain only pure, natural ingredients that revitalize and clarify rather than deaden and obstruct; that imparts rather than strips away the moisture that's so essential to soft, glowing skin. Mild acidity (pH 4.5 - pH 5.5) distilled from sugarcane builds protein and improves moisture retention. An extract derived from the beech tree encourages the production of collagen and elastin. A powerful antioxidant enzyme extracted from parsley counteracts free radicals. And pure vegetable squalane, one of nature's finest moisturizers, protects against moisture loss.

To eliminate preservatives, we package our products in small, freshness-dated bottles hermetically sealed in our pharmaceutically sterile laboratory. Each contain enough for a two-to-three week supply, so they stay fresh through to the finish. Furthermore, our innovative, touch-free caps are specially designed to keep out bacteria. It's a revolutionary idea. And you'll feel the difference from the very first day. In fact, we guarantee it.

With both basic skin care for daily maintenance and advanced skin care for wrinkle control, skin rejuvenation, and more, FANCL adds up to revolutionary innovation for your skin. Today, FANCL is a leader in natural preservative-free skin care, cosmetics, and nutritional supplements with more than 75 retail outlets throughout Japan and more on the way, plus millions of loyal catalog customers. And now for the first time, it's available in America.

FANCL skin care products, available through mail order. Experience the FANCL difference. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, simply return your FANCL products for a full and prompt refund. Completely risk free.


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