Face Stockholm
Scandinavian savy

Started in 1981 in Sweden by fashion boutique owner Gun Nowak, Face Stockholm follows the true Swedish ideal of beauty - natural, simple, clean while keeping it fun and fashion-forward.

The brand boasts extensive colors for lips, eyes and nails as well as specialist products such as lip conditioniers and skincare. Face also produce eyewear which is available from Face shops. They will even teach you the best techniques for applying make-up if you wear glasses.
  • US Vogue says "Face Stockholm in Soho is known for stocking every nail color under the sun."
  • Face Stockholm store are in Sweden, Norway, New York and New Zealand.

from the Face Stockholm website :
A world of beauty and a little bit more...
Face Stockholm is committed to truth, beauty, and self-expression. Promoting a natural, clean aesthetic and opportunity to have fun, our cosmetics and skin care empower women to express their individuality.
Owned and operated by Gun Nowak and her daughter Martina Arfwidson, their personal journeys guide the philosophy of Face Stockholm. They find as much inspiration for colors and ingredients on treks to meet the Dalai Lama as they do walking down the streets of New York.
Through Face Stockholm, Gun and Martina share their passion for people, color and style as well as their wholesome and even joyous approach to life.
Gun and Martina are hands on and run their business on gut instinct. Gun's passion and creativity is the driving force behind the business. Martina's creative business talents and love for structure makes for a symbiotic working relationship. After putting Face Stockholm's systems in place, editing Gun's ideas down from 10,000 to maybe 10, she uses her performance training to function as the company spokesperson. What's more, she inspires and trains Face Stockholm makeup artists to value the greater intention of the business. There's one more reason why Face Stockholm is so successful: Martina and Gun love to move furniture! They will turn a store upside down and rearrange the floor displays, tables and move whatever makes the space feel more inviting. The stores, like the products, are simple, clean, welcoming and very Swedish! When these Swedish dynamos finally sit still, you will find them at home in the countryside in upstate New York, surrounded by dogs and trees and green grass,working in their garden. And while moving dirt, pulling weeds, dragging branches and working all day in the garden might not be as much fun to them as moving furniture, it keeps them out of trouble on the weekends!

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