Eve Lom
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To many of us the Eve Lom Cleanser was a revelation when we discovered it. Many who have tried the cleanser swear they'll never change.

Eve Lom's philosophy is simple, a face is a true reflection of both physical and mental well being. She believes that we should not have to smother our skin with products, and that an effective cleansing regimen will do more for the skin than any wonder cream may ever do.
  • Eve Lom is one of the most sought after facialist in London.
  • "Probably the best cleanser in the world" - British Vogue

from the Eve Lom website :
skin care as simple as skin care should be
Eve Lom - the renowned skin-care consultant whom celebrities and beauty insiders swear by - has developed her unique skin care range based on the highest quality essential oils over a number of years, working alongside a cosmetic chemist. The minimalistic regime works effectively across all skin types and places strong emphasis on skin texture.

Eve's personal philosophy is that the face is a true reflection of the body's physical and mental state, and that good digestion, diet and food elimination are just as important as the way the skin is cleansed.

Bad blood circulation, sluggish lymphatic drainage and poor muscle tone can all result in a blotchy, congested and erupted skin.

Eve recommends her essential oil-based best-seller EVE LOM CLEANSING CREAM can be used in conjunction with an easy to follow seven step movement which aids lymphatic drainage and the elimination of toxins.

Eve's special muslin cloth which comes with the Cleanser, acts as a gentle exfoliator and is a fundamental part of the regime. No wonder Vogue magazine (UK) says it is "Probably the best cleanser in the world".

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Eve Lom Cleansing Cream
Eve Lom Cleansing Cream
A simple daily system that blends cleansing, exfoliating, toning into one. The cream contains four aromatic oils: chamomile, eucalyptus, clove and hops, for their cleansing, deco.. read more