moisture master

Eucerin has managed to build a name for itself as brand with super moisturizers that can hydrate even the driest of skin. How this has come to be is a mystery as many of the healing ointments are not much more advanced than good old vaseline.
However that being said, Eucerin have quite a few good products that are worth considering, especially at the prices. The cleansers are gentle and many of their moisturizers are rich, while there are even a couple of decent sunscreen options. Eucerin may not be the miracle it's made out to be, but it might be all you need.
  • Eucerin does use animal testing.

from the Eucerin website :
Dermatologist-Preferred Skin Care
Your skin is a mirror of your internal health. Getting enough sleep, exercising regularly and eating a balanced, healthful diet will help ensure your skin looks and feels its best. A good daily skin care regimen, including gentle cleansing, moisturizing and (most importantly) protecting skin from the sun, is essential… not just for keeping skin looking good, but for preventing things like premature skin aging and skin cancer.

With so many different products on the market, and so many outlets offering an ever-changing barrage of skin care advice, it can be difficult to determine exactly which daily skin care routine is best. That's where Eucerin can help. Eucerin is the skin care expert, partnering with dermatologists for over 100 years to help people all over the world keep their skin its healthiest best. Our advice? Take care of your skin the way a dermatologist would tell you to.

Even if you maintain a healthy skin care regimen, there are a variety of conditions (such as eczema and rosacea) that can compromise skin's appearance and feel. However, you don't need to suffer from any particular condition to have special skin care concerns. Dry skin is a very common problem, although it's one that can be managed with the right skin care regimen. Aging skin also requires a special approach, as does baby's skin. Regardless of your skin care need, Eucerin is here to help.

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