Estée Lauder
the queen of beauty reigns supreme

A Titan of the cosmetics industry, Estée Lauder started her company in 1964, with nothing more than a jar of skin cream. The company steadily grew and today owns many competing skin care and cosmetics companies as well as dominating the market with it's own extensive collections.

An innovator at the forefront of cosmetics research, Estée Lauder offer many exceptional products, and put their considerable weight behind the research and development of many great new lines.
  • do not use animal testing

from the Estée Lauder website :
all great things begin with a vision. a dream
Even before there were labels for the earliest Estée Lauder skin creams, they began to win loyal fans. By the time the revolutionary fragrance Youth-Dew was introduced in 1953, the Estée Lauder Company had already won a reputation for innovation, research and quality. Today, the Estée Lauder collection of skincare, makeup and fragrance exemplifies the best that art and science can achieve. The Estée Lauder name on a product is recognized in over 100 countries for quality maintained and promises kept. We welcome you to discover all that we have to offer. Founded in 1946, this technologically advanced, innovative company has gained a worldwide reputation for elegant, luxurious products. Products that come with a promise to uphold the finest standards of excellence through extensive research and stringent product testing. All, so we can bring you gentle and highly effective products.

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Vérité Special EyeCare
Vérité Special EyeCare
This ultra-gentle, super emollient gel-creme formula hydrates the sensitive skin around your eyes with soothing oat extract, green tea and marine extracts. read more