Erno Laszlo
The Splash Technique

A European skincare line based on the idea's of Hungarian dermatologist Erno Laszlo. Laszlo believed in following a strict ritual of daily skincare. Based on a bizarre clocking system, the regimen included washing the face with bar soap then splashing the face with scalding hot water, both practices most of us now know to avoid.

The line has come a long way since the days of Dr Laszlo, so whether you follow the program or not you may find the doc still has something worthwhile to say.
  • Celebrity clients include Uma Thurman, Madonna, Brad Pitt and Nicole Kidman.
  • Do not test on animals.

from the Erno Laszlo website :
timeless skin
Dr. Erno Laszlo, a renowned European dermatologist, was a visionary who created the world's first dermatological skincare line over 75 years ago based upon 5 basic principles, including the splashing technique, the critical importance of clocking, and the daily ritual. All to deliver perfect, healthy skin.

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