Elizabeth Arden
beauty secrets behind the Red Door

Her real name was Florence Nightingale Graham, but the founder of the world-famous beauty empire was better known as Elizabeth Arden. A true pioneer of the industry, she made it possible for women to wear daily make-up, as well as to introduce the salon experience to the modern world.

Today her legacy lives on. Elizabeth Arden is available throughout the world, and her ever popular Red Door Salons provide the pampering spa experience we all deserve.
  • Eight Hour Cream was originally formulated for horses, but was later refined for us.
  • Miss Arden was also the first woman to have a horse win the Triple Crown.
  • The fragrance Blue Grass was created to commemorate her horse's win at the Kentucky Derby.
  • In her lifetime, Ms Arden built an empire consisting of 17 different EA corporations and 40 Salons worldwide.
  • No animal testing.

from the Elizabeth Arden website :
Embrace Yourself
Elizabeth Arden Inc. is a global prestige fragrance and beauty products company with an impressive portfolio of prestige beauty brands.

Our extensive brand portfolio includes the top ranked fragrance brands, Elizabeth Arden's Red Door, Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue, ardenbeauty, Elizabeth Arden green tea, the recently launched Elizabeth Arden Provocative Women and Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds, Passion, Forever Elizabeth and Gardenia.

Our skin care brands, including Elizabeth Arden's Ceramides and Eight Hour Cream and the Elizabeth Arden brand lipstick, foundation and other color cosmetic lines.

In 2002, we launched the "Open for Beauty" campaign featuring our global spokesperson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, to reinforce the Elizabeth Arden name and contemporize the brand globally.

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Eight Hour Cream
Eight Hour Cream
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