Dr. Hauschka
the unique rhythm of nature

Bio-dynamically grown ingredients and a special method to extract botanicals at their peak have been hallmarks of this German company since it's inception in 1967.
Inspired by Anthroposophy, the philosophy developed by Dr. Rudolf Steiner in the early 20th century, Dr. Rudolf Hauschka wanted to help skin be able to take care of itself, a sort of preventive medicine for the skin.
  • Do not use animal tesing for their products.
  • They make over 4,000 anthroposophical and homeopathic healing remedies.
  • Founded in Germany in 1967.

from the Dr. Hauschka website :
where science and spirit meet
The skin reflects and reacts to your entire being – physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. If you eat well, exercise regularly, sleep adequately and find ways to alleviate the stress in your life, your skin will reflect this healthy lifestyle.

A dynamic, complex system of interweaving processes, the skin reflects the body's internal health and, as the largest organ of perception, it responds to external influences such as hot or cold temperatures. A large percentage of a person's T-cells, the cells of immunity, are found within its layers. The skin helps us to eliminate toxins and defend our body from bacteria.

Dr. Rudolf Hauschka's holistic approach to skin care recognizes all the elements that play a role in achieving healthy, balanced skin. Our products address skin care problems rather than dealing with symptoms. They encourage the skin to achieve balance and harmony by stimulating the skin's ability to take care of itself and overcome its weaknesses. Dr. Hauschka Skin Care offers long-term solutions, revealing the natural beauty of the skin, allowing inner beauty to shine forth.

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