Dr. Comenge
skin that begs to be touched

Being the largest organ in the human body, the skin is very important to ones well-being, it is the most obvious representation of our health, while many follow strict regimens for optimum health, Dr.Comenge believes that for any plan to work, it must be pleasurable to follow.

So Dr.Comenge has created a simple skincare system to maintain youthful, healthy looking skin that will bring out the "sensual" nature of the skin. By following his easy regimens, Dr.Comenge believes it can help extend what he calls their "sensual skin span", basically younger looking skin for longer.
  • Created in 2003 by nutritionist and endocrinologist Jose Comenge and marketer Debra Kaye in Spain.

What is sensual skin?
Dr.Comenge advocates that improved sensorial capabilities and receptivity in the skin means it can better protect itself and fend off damaging agents, thereby shielding it from aging, stress and the adverse effects of the environment. He calls this Sensual skin.

from the Dr. Comenge website :
Do you know skin is your most sensual organ?
Dr. José Lladós-Comenge, a Spanish endocrinologist, nutritionist and public health expert, founded Alternasfera in 2003. The company is dedicated to helping people live healthier as well as longer lives. Dr. Lladós-Comenge believes the most important challenge to health care professionals in the 21st century lies in helping people follow a healthy lifestyle that promotes choices and behaviors conducive to emotional and physical well-being. The name Alternasfera is taken from the Spanish words, alternative sphere, and refers to the fact that Dr. Lladós-Comenge offers an approach that is both non-traditional and non-prescriptive.

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