Dianne Brill Cosmetics
lipstick and lace

Created by model and author Dianne Brill, this small line of products offers playful treats for eyes and lips that can pamper, amuse and excite all at the same time.

The collection is delightfully put together to be both titillating and empowering. Thankfully with names like Lash Lingerie and Panties in a Bunch, Dianne's not taking herself too seriously.
  • Dianne founded the company in Germany in 2003.

from the Dianne Brill Cosmetics website :
The BRILL is back
Dianne Brill has risen to prominence as a celebrity and social magnet, giving her the title of New York's legendary 'Queen of the Night.' A reigning pop icon, Dianne's many talents surfaced as a result of her celebrity - best selling author, model, muse, TV commentator, actress, New York's social party whirlwind-the original 'It Girl.'

Dianne's best selling, sister-to-sister advice book, "Boobs, Boys & High Heels or How to get Dressed in Just Under Six Hours" is an essential, funny guide for gals that want to get noticed, get the great guy and have the time of their lives doing it. Following the critical acclaim of her book, Dianne was hailed as the new Mae West the modern 'Feminist Femme Fatale' (LA Times).

Working the catwalk like no other supermodel of her proportions, she starred in Thierry Mugler, Jean Paul Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood's fashion show extravaganzas in Paris, London, N.Y., L.A., Tokyo and Berlin. It was during this time that Dianne caught the eye of famed mannequin manufacturer Adel Rootstein. Rootstein created a life-size Dianne doubles to grace shop windows throughout the world. A voluptuous, unapologetic babe, Dianne's was then hailed as 'The Shape of the Decade.'

Dianne is warm and witty, and her unique perspectives have made her a popular television commentator on lifestyle, fashion and most of all on romance, dating, and seduction. As a correspondent for the UK's number one morning talk show 'This Morning,' Miss Brill reported on pageants, 'Holiday man-shopping', Academy Awards fashion faux pas, the weeks' Glam Gossip, and her own exciting 'Ask the Brill.'

A gifted self-promoter, Dianne has appeared as a guest with David Letterman and Jonathan Ross. Further, her coverage in magazines and newspapers internationally has been extensive-Vogue, Elle, People, InStyle, Allure, Harper's Bazaar, Time Out, The New York Times Magazine, The Sunday Telegraph, The New York Post, The New York Times-all have run multi-page profiles praising Dianne Brill as "a woman who constantly reinvents herself" and who is "always breaking new ground."

Dianne Brill is living in New York City. Be a part of the BRILLIANT world of Dianne Brill Cosmetics.

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