mapping the way to healthy skin

The experts at The International Dermal Institute decided that the way to healthy skin is to understand the 14 zones of your face to correctly target an appropriate skin care regimen.

Despite the scientific sounding name, The International Dermal Institute is not comprised of dermatologists working in laboratories, the Institute is instead an advanced finishing school for facialists.

However unscientific the reality, Dermalogica does offers an extensive product line with some decent albeit expensive options for skin and body care.
  • Dermalogica do not test on animals.
  • Dermalogica do not use artificial colors or synthetic fragrances.

from the Dermalogica website :
expert analysis, targeted results
Dermalogica's story begins in 1986, when the founders of The International Dermal Institute (the postgraduate training facility for skin care professionals) decided to do something about the serious lack of results-driven products on the market.

Researched and developed by The International Dermal Institute, Dermalogica shocked the market by refusing to use artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, S.D. alcohol, lanolin or mineral oil – all of which were industry favorites due to their low cost, despite links to numerous skin problems that were well understood. They also went a step further, insisting that all Dermalogica skin care professionals had to meet the highest level of training and expertise, ensuring that consumers could get reliable consultations about their skin concerns without falling prey to the hype and faddism that dominates the skin care industry.

Dermalogica's commitment to professional skin care continues today with its no-nonsense packaging, emphasis on skin care education and dedication to formulating products that deliver results, not ridiculous claims.

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Full Spectrum Wipes SPF 15
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